sudden in a shaft of sunlight (by wild goose chase)


sudden in a shaft of sunlight (by wild goose chase)

"A nice way to present images in a different point of view."


Mark Dorf: Emergence

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Mark Dorf is a New York based artist and recent graduate of Photography and Sculpture of the Savannah College of Art and Design. His most recent works examine humanity’s relationship with our fabricated digital realities and the physical landscape in which we reside through the use of both photography and sculpture. With the understanding that all art is based upon comparison and relationships, he re-contextualizes moment and symbol to create new meaning through the surrounding environment. Mark seeks to understand humanity as an observer in his surroundings, using photography as a tool to explore the curious habitation of the world around us.

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"Really nice pieces of work something different a interesting artist."


Christoph Bader: Intricate Digital Art

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Unique and eye-catching, art can come in many different variations and designs, giving us, the viewer, a wide range of unique allure. Well today we get a look at the work of German designer Christoph Bader, who created some astonishing and eye-catching pieces, which boast shapes and patterns, resulting in artwork that look anything but digital.

The collection, Limm, was done on a computer, making things even more interesting, taking on a look of elaborate and amazing, intricate string work that makes for some busy and brilliant work.

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Waiting… a sitting duck

Since doing the hidden project I am now waiting for the results for course, to see if I passed the first year to get onto the second.
Of HND Art & Design.

Hopefully I’m wanting to get distinction which Is a good mark.

So fingers crossed.


HND : Art & Design
Project : Hidden Stitch
Chesterfield College, Derbyshire, United Kingdom


The completed final piece

"My story begins in a story a coin I felt precious, I wanted to express my love & passion in the design & beauty of the unique figure.

I first found the coin lost & stashed in a box of coins found & brought on the flee market. So I experimented ideas how I could express the love from a coin shine of glory & elegance.

This is were the dress idea came together, I did how ever wanted to do some jewellery to go with the dress, but I though of just doing the dress as a one piece only but in a structure way of elegance & beauty in a historical way.

We’re the design of the figure which took my breath away I wanted to have it close to my heart, how ever there is one part missing I wanted to have some hand made coins trapped between the material of the dress. In circular pockets made out of ceramics with also the design of the figure on them & imprinted in the clay covered with Raku, to see if the design would show through or be hidden away with only my self knowing what is there.

But this was caused by the time I had to make the final piece.

Looking at the dress myself I would agree is completely perfect & may perhaps ruin the design, but if I was making this again the coins would be with the dress to compleat it purpose.

Myself thinks I have gave the inspiring coin a home & a purpose that will always be with me forever…….”

Model : Beth Smith
Artist & Photographer : Kim Wakem (AKA insprationalminds)

awesome-queen-bridge-s-music said: Hi thanks so much for following my blog back I love the corsettes you have shared did you make them and please feel free to watch my videos and reblog them and let me know what you think thanks Agian peace out Bridgy xxx

Your welcome no I didn’t made the corsets but I made a corset for a final piece for a project. Sure I be sure to have have a look if I have the time :)


Corsetiere : Wilde Hunt Corsetry

links : facebook  | Twitter

location: UK

What beautiful corsets something inspiring

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Lan YU Haute Couture F/W 2014 at Haute Couture Week

This dress is a beauty

Lan YU Haute Couture F/W 2014 at Haute Couture Week

This dress is a beauty

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Ok I think you waited long enough followers here it is :)

The final piece is a handmade dress with handmade patten inspired from a coin, I fell in love in the figures beauty goddess like & ancient.

There are meant to be some trapped coins between the material, made out of raku but with time pressing on I didn’t have time. Could add on later on & re-summit.

There will hopefully be a modelling shoot which I wanted for my project, but have to see….

By the way p.s
I’m wearing a scalf on my head as my hair is messy & in a way looks nice gypsy like.

Kim Wakem - insprationalminds Tumblr Blog

Hidden Project 2014 Chesterfield College Derbyshire