Hidden Project - Continued UPDATE

To my followers I will be putting up some images soon after the Easter holidays of my specialist project which I have been starting, it is a new fresh project continued from the hidden project I have done which I hope to improve a lot better with newer & more interesting ideas.


Piet Mondrain, Tableau No. 2, 1913

This artist just come by on tumblr something used for the hidden project at college.


Piet Mondrain, Tableau No. 2, 1913

This artist just come by on tumblr something used for the hidden project at college.

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Love seeing how something like this could be used in design :)
I love the styles & color

Love seeing how something like this could be used in design :)

I love the styles & color

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Hidden Project - IN DEVELOPMENT

Now that I have shown some things from the hidden project in my sketchbook of what I have been doing it is at a end to be marked by my tutor, but I am now moving forward in my specialist area in hidden to make my work become more better more interesting & more developed.

Keep a look out on my blog for further updates



Whilst working on the hidden project I did small tasks with tutors getting to express way of doing something in hidden.

so the top - only being able to work with certian colors, closing eyes & only drawing a object by touch.

Second in middle - it was meant to be working with powder colors e.g brush o of doing drawing in a hidden way, but I kind of got carried away & done a back ground of colors mixed & hidden together as ideas but if I were doing this again I would work with colors I like. 

Last image bottom - The last image is my most fraviout image I was to work again with certian materials like charcoal, painting, or pen drawing objects, these three objects however relates to hidden for example.

1. coffee the smell & aroma of coffee is hidden before I drink, helping me to wake up with ideas hidden in my mind.

2. headphone the comfort & sounds hide ray of ideas that will inspire me to become more than I am.

3. My iPhone hidden with all the songs, albums & artists that help me express myself in music. 

Maybe I might want to think of working with these ideas towards my specialist area working onward with hidden in a way. 

These little mix of ideas are just showing what I have also done for the project in many way & styles which I may want to put forward for my specialist area, & develop on further for ideas in what I may consider doing for a final piece eg. jewelry or other.

Whilst working on the hidden project we work with jasminer someone at college getting us to experiment ideas further, here in these images show I have took sample mixed with stitch & worked to make into one image.

I then printed the images on fabric to then think about pinning on a mannequin to see how it look like as a scalf/snood or a piece of body adornment.

After that I decided not to make anything out of these & then thought of working on them in sections, to develop ideas further experimenting process with a hidden way & a theme which I chosen was stich for the project.

The embellishments I worked & created on the fabric samples looked nice with the pearls chosen & the colored wool. These ideas I may want to put forward in my speclist project & to work & develop on.

After doing some spray painted background ideas I thought of turning to working with things that can be recycled. SO… in these images I decided to work with recycled items & spray paint together in one, what I got out of it was something I loved in another way as part or texture, decoration & style.

Things I were working with was things like ring pulls & bottle tops making into handmade buttons & embellishments for ideas & development. when spraying the objects on paper or card or other I decided to keep the spray painted print as I see them valuable of other uses of thinking for ideas & development, either towards texture, surface patterns, design etc.

I could think of scanning, photocopying  the prints to then working with in Photoshop for experimental uses etc. Which I could think about putting forward to my specialist area continuing with the hidden project.

This is another example of working with ideas for the hidden project I have been working on, I first started doing some spray painted background ideas after going to a exhibition in Sheffield UK & seeing a artist I love called Kid Acne. Kid Acne is a spray paint artist who influences me into his work in color & style, which then i decided to do something in spray paint as part of surface pattern ideas & decoration.

What I love about these sample I have worked on & developed is perfected my own ray of style & color, that could be used as part of jewelry or body adornment decoration.

Photocopies of my samples knitted, worked & developed on. The samples however which have been took photos of from the project I have been working on in the images of my sketchbook, are a part of experiment into ideas & development.

These samples could be ideas towards jewelry or body adornment as a part of decoration in a hidden way or form.

what I like about these samples is how it looks at the end of how my samples first started then developed. I may use this idea for my specialist project on the course I am doing which will be called hidden which is a continuation from this hidden project.